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Lisa, our Lead Day of Planner


Lead Day Of Planner

Lisa is the definition of a people person. She excels at both management of event staff and vendors. She walks away from every wedding or event with at least 3 new Facebook friends. She's just that friendly. She enjoys cultivating relationships with clients and businesses in the Boulder/Denver area.


Lisa completed her degree at the Fashion Institute of Merchandise and Design in San Francisco and is a fashion expert especially when it comes to shopping. In addition to event planning and fashion, Lisa is an avid Netflix viewer, a lover of dinosaurs, dream catchers, Barre Method, Gluten and Dairy Free Pizza, and she can create an amazing playlist or mixtape at the drop of a hat. After living in San Francisco, London and Denver, Lisa has settled back into life in her beloved hometown, Boulder, CO. 


Favorite TV Wedding of all-time and why:

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules. I love Vanderpump Rules. Enough Said. 


Favorite Wedding Reality Show:



Favorite Wedding Movie:

The Hangover


Favorite Fictional Wedding Planner:

Mary Fiore from The Wedding Planner. Obvi.


Favorite jelly bean flavor:

Green Apple, duh. 


First album / CD you ever bought:

Now 1, maybe, I dont really remember. But it sounds like something I would do. 


First concert you went to:

First concert I remember is Green Day. I am sure I went to others before this. 


Favorite way to eat potatoes:

French Fries! 


Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie:

The Proposal. She is a national treasure. 


List the last three things you googled: 

What to know to become a personal trainer?

What's Mary's last name in the Wedding Planner?

Best amazon reviews. Everyone should look that one up, its straight up gold.


What 3 Disney characters do you most relate to and why: 

Mulan, Mulan

She speaks her mind, she is uber determined, and she has quirky sidekicks. 


Ariel, The Little Mermaid

She is rebellious, kind, and a little too curious.


Anna, Frozen

She is full of excitement, extremely optimistic, and always tries to impress her older sister. 


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