Makenzie, Events Associate


Events Associate

Makenzie moved to Boulder from Chattanooga, TN shortly after graduating college.  While earning a degree in Political Science from the University of Tennessee, she realized her true love of food, wine, and an unforgettable soirée.  Since then she has worked her way through the hospitality world.  Now, she loves to exercise her creativity to help your wedding dreams come true!


Most of her free time is spent cooking, planning her next adventure, or (let's be honest) watching reality TV. Makenzie lives in downtown Boulder with her fiancé, Matt, and their very old and grumpy cat, Anise.

Favorite TV Wedding of all-time and why:

 Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother because 1) That show is fantastic and 2) They are the best couple and             even when all their plans fall apart they find a way to focus on themselves and have the sweetest wedding anyway.


Favorite Wedding Reality Show:

 Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding. Kim Zolciak is pure entertainment ALL THE TIME.


Favorite Wedding Movie:

Runaway Bride


Favorite Fictional Wedding Planner:

Franck, Father of the Bride


Favorite jelly bean flavor:

Buttered Popcorn


First album / CD you ever bought:

Definitely some version of Jock Jams


First concert you went to:

Goo Goo Dolls....but I can't remember what year


Favorite way to eat potatoes:

Smashed with a ton of butter and garlic


Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie:

Ms. Congeniality...but how do you choose just one?


List the last three things you googled: 

1. Best Places to camp near Steamboat Springs

2. Ten most expensive housing markets in the world

3. List of Sandra Bullock Movies

What 3 Disney characters do you most relate to and why: 

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

A dreamer with her "nose stuck in a book"....I can relate!


Meg, Hercules

She's sassy and smart and beautifully sarcastic.  She's been through some tough times but gets right back on the "Pegasus". I think we can all relate.


Sleepy, Snow White

Need I say more?