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À la carte Services

Creating a custom package or adding an À la carte service to your Day Of/Month Of package is the happy median between our Full Service package and the Day Of package.


Don’t let the cost of a wedding stress you out, hiring a wedding planner can save you money. We come with an arsenal of ideas for getting the most bang for your buck and keeping your wedding on budget. Every couple deserves to enjoy their wedding day and we think every couple needs at least a Day of Planner to do so.


We are ready to help you create a custom package. In addition to all of our listed services, if you can think of it, we can probably help you make it come to life at your wedding.

We have developed an hourly fee scale for every budget that ensures you get exactly what you need from your planner.


Contact us now! We are happy to design one of our packages to fit you and your budget.

General Price Range $3,500-$7,500

(packages are personalized for every wedding)

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