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The Cherry Bomb Events planning

Our mission is to alleviate the stress of wedding planning for betrothed couples, their friends and family. We will help you navigate the craziness and expectations of wedding planning.


We want to save couples from the idea that their wedding has to meet arbitrary "wedding standards." This is your wedding! Your choices don't have to align with a "normal" wedding.  We can help you process your ideas and navigate through expectations and norms, to create a wedding that is truly yours. We know what works, we have the experience, the drive and we've got a ton of amazing vendors ready to get on your team. 

We believe that a couple's wedding

should be the best party they ever attend.

what is trendy or what you’re supposed to do at a wedding. We’re interested in what our couples want, what they envision and making that dream a reality. We're in this to make wedding magic. We combine style, fun, organization, experience and an open mind to give you the time of your life. 


No matter what your dream wedding includes we can help you bring it to life. We want to help you plan a wedding that is off the beaten path, that surprises and delights your guests and most importantly highlights the best parts of you, as a couple starting your life together. A wedding is a new beginning and no couple should start off stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out by the wedding industrial complex. We help our fun-loving couples, no matter their budget, plan a wedding that is imaginative, lovely and most of all one of a kind. 

We're Not Interested in what

               everyone else is doing, 

photograph by: Alchemy Creative

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