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Cherry Bomb Events Special Projects Lead, Trevor


Special Projects Lead

Shayna's first employee, Trevor, has been working with Shayna since Cherry Bomb's inception. Married to Shayna since 2008, Trevor's first adventure into wedding planning was to help plan their own wedding. Even back then, Trevor was tasked with engineering a build to bring Shayna's vision to life when tasked with building their Chuppah. The rest, as they say, is history. Trevor's ability to bring almost any of Shayna's ideas to life has lead to the creation of a multitude of builds, including arches, Chuppahs, confetti cannons and suspended floral installations. Trevor's skills have more recently been shifted primarily to floral design and execution, where he continues to create Shayna's "can you make this" creations.


Disassembling, rebuilding and re-engineering as long as he can remember, Trevor has always enjoyed working with his hands. Originally educated as a mechanic, Trevor works as "basically an electrical engineer" as Shayna puts it, for the local transit authority.


A near native, ("I've lived in the Denver area 99% of my life" he says) Trevor's family is originally from New York. Trevor enjoys the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, with four-wheeling and rock climbing topping his list of favorites, but usually you'll find him on some adventure with his two boys and daughter, or working on some house project or one of his beloved Toyotas.


Favorite TV Wedding of all-time and why:

Jim and Pam. Who doesn't like a Dunder Mifflin redo of a viral video?


Favorite Wedding Reality Show:

Four Weddings


Favorite Wedding Movie:

The Wedding Singer


Favorite Fictional Wedding Planner:

Robbie Hart


Favorite jelly bean flavor:

A tie between Mango or Margarita


First album / CD you ever bought:

Ghostbusters II soundtrack (it was the 90's)


First concert you went to:

Of my own choosing? Barenaked Ladies


Favorite way to eat potatoes:

Mashed, fully loaded. With all the bacon.


Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie:

Speed. Keanu for Life!


List the last three things you googled: 

how do I look at the last thing I googled?

ge dishwasher not draining

9v to 5v with voltage regulator


What 3 Disney characters do you most relate to and why: 

Heimlich, A Bug's Life

I'm a sucker for good food


James P. Sullivan aka Sully,  Monsters, Inc.

I might be big and considered scary and intimidating, but really I'm just a teddy bear


Kristoff, Frozen

I hate drinks without ice, I don't like crowds, and I'm a real smartass.

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