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Cherry Bomb Events Lead Day-of Planner, Jolie


Lead Day-Of Planner

Jolie is a true romantic, making wedding coordination a dream job.  Her attention to detail and love of parties make her a natural.  She has stood as Maid of Honor for 3 friends, so she's got this wedding thing down.  No matter what the occasion, Jolie is thrilled to be a part of it.


Jolie was raised in Boulder, CO and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has worked in skin care, child care, and management, but now happily spends most of her time caring for her daughter and son.  In her spare time, Jolie enjoys hiking, reading, and cooking. Jolie and family live in Denver, CO.


Favorite TV Wedding of all-time and why:

Prince Charles & Princess Diana because princesses and that train! 


Favorite Wedding Reality Show:

Married At First Sight 


Favorite Wedding Movie:

My Best Friend's Wedding


Favorite Fictional Wedding Planner:

Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner


Favorite jelly bean flavor:

Buttered popcorn


First album / CD you ever bought:

I simultaneously bought a Michael Jackson album and Michael Bolton Timeless: The Classics. And then I married a Michael (much later, of course). I got a thing for them.


First concert you went to:



Favorite way to eat potatoes:

Mashed with lots of butter and salt 


Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie:

Practical Magic. Duh. 


List the last three things you googled: 

Kegel exercises

"Things to do with Baby the first 6 weeks"

Cheesecake Factory menu 


What 3 Disney characters do you most relate to and why: 

Wendy Darling, Peter Pan

I love to read and I can be hesitant to tap into my "child-like side"


Mickey Mouse

I'm pretty chilled out and kind of funny


Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

I hate not being invited to parties and I have a jealous side. 


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