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Cherry Bomb Events Event Planner, Stephanie


Event Planner

Stephanie is an energetic and outgoing individual. For Stephanie, a love for organizing events came as she grew up in a series of family restaurants, planning holiday and birthday parties alike. The aspect she loved the most of the variety of restaurants she grew up in were when they would hold wedding receptions. Stephanie quickly realized she had found her lifelong passion for creating weddings. By this time she had already built knowledge in not only the planning aspects that go into a wedding but some of the more creative aspects as well. She had some time to build knowledge in photography, baking, music, hair and wardrobe. With interests in a plethora of topics, weddings were the perfect fit as all have contributing aspects. Stephanie is a Graduate from Metropolitan State University with a Degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management. Currently Stephanie lives in Thornton with her husband, and their children.

Favorite TV Wedding of all-time and why:

Cece and Schmidt in "New girl". I love this wedding because even though Schmidt was stuck on a plan they still enjoyed the reception through face time. At the end of the day they still had their ceremony in their apartment with their friends.


Favorite Wedding Reality Show:

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding


Favorite Wedding Movie:

Corpse Bride 


Favorite Fictional Wedding Planner:

Craig from Parks and Recreation, Season 7 Episode 7


Favorite jelly bean flavor:



First album / CD you ever bought:

Evanescence "Fallen"


First concert you went to:

Avril Lavigne


Favorite way to eat potatoes:

Mashed with lots of bacon


Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie:

Practical Magic since I'm a witch


List the last three things you googled: 

-Samsung S7 phone cases 

-Disney channel original movies

-RTD bus schedule 

What 3 Disney characters do you most relate to and why: 

Moana, Moana

Just like Moana the water calls to me. I love spending time in the water and if I am stuck in one place for to long I get restless. I just want to go on an adventure! 


Snow White, Snow White

When I was little everyone in my family and their friends would call me Snow White since I had pale skin and thick black hair. 


Stitch, Lilo and Stitch

Like Stitch I have a crazy amount of energy that can sometimes get me into trouble and make me an outsider. But when it comes to my family I would do anything for them because family matters the most in life. 

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